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THC iPad Giveaway Winner

Congratulations Stull Family

We had an iPad Giveaway at the Texas Homeschool Convention in Ft. Worth last March. The winner was chosen and received their iPad a couple of months ago, so we thought it was past time to let you know a little bit about who won.

Paul and Joanne Stull of Springtown, TX along with their children Cole David (age 12) and Catalina Jesenia (age 11) were the winners of a brand new iPad. They will soon be starting their fourth year as a homeschool family. They were kind enough to share a bit of their homeschooling experience with us.

1. What has been your greatest challenge in homeschooling?

One of my greatest challenges is fighting the feeling that I'm not doing enough or that they are not making enough progress.

2. Do you use a specific curriculum or philosophy?

I have a more classical view of education. We use BJU Press for my daughter and Monarch online for my son as main curriculum, with Math-U-See and Answers Bible Curriculum as well.

3. What has been your greatest joy in homeschooling?

Being able to teach my children apologetics and giving them a more solid Biblical foundation has been a mission of mine that I am grateful to be able to accomplish. Even in the private Christian school they attended before being home schooled, in my opinion, they did not get enough Biblical foundation. It is my job as a parent to provide it, in any case. At home, I can go more into depth and even use the Bible to teach some geography. The other joy I have is to see my children, who were struggling in a traditional school environment for various reasons, gain understanding in the learning process. Both children have some physical struggles that prevented them from being able to flourish in a regular school environment. Here, we can make the proper accommodations and seek out the necessary interventions for them to benefit and advance.

4. Do you have any scheduling tips or issues?

We really make schooling our main priority during our school year. I try to schedule doctors appointments and errands in the afternoons so that we can get some work done that day during the morning when my children work best. I find that when I schedule appointments during the morning hours, it is harder for us to come home and settle down and get to work.

A big “Thank You!” to the Stull family for sharing a bit of their homeschool life with us. We hope you are enjoying your iPad.